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NTT DATA Business Solutions | December 9, 2016

Digitization: Why It Is a Must Part 2

Digitization is causing significant and rapid change in the world of business. How can I ensure I don’t get left behind by more agile competitors?

#2: Modern Challenges Require Modern Solutions

Succeeding in today’s business climate means embracing digitization . However, for many CEOs, this is easier said than done. The second post in this two-part series explains how enterprises can overcome the hurdles and turn their hopes and fears into genuine benefits.

Four Key Features of Modern Enterprise IT

Once a company has decided to begin its digital journey, it requires a cutting-edge solution to ensure it sets out on the right path. This should include the following modern features:

Intuitive user experience:

Employee demands are changing. Staff increasingly expect flexible working practices with remote access to apps, information, and contacts. This calls for powerful dashboards that function just as well on mobile devices as on desktops. Organizations that provide an intuitive user experience will boost workforce engagement and productivity.

Single source of truth:

In a highly-competitive environment, there is a growing need for businesses to be agile and responsive. Yet many are hindered by complex IT landscapes that delay reporting processes and lead to issues with data integrity. To remain competitive, enterprises should simplify their data management processes and reduce their data footprint with a single source of truth.

Real-time insights:

Technology is developing at an unprecedented rate, driving change across all industries. New business models are appearing constantly, and customer expectations are growing rapidly. Companies have to harness the potential of big data to keep up. Real-time insights ensure they are always informed of any changes in the market, allowing them to adapt as necessary.

Predictive analytics:

Being able to adapt to change is a strong benefit. Anticipating it is even better. Indeed, the most ambitious CEOs are not content simply to match the pace of change; they aim to set it. Predictive analytics allows organizations to make forecasts and perform what-if analyses, ensuring they are always a step ahead of the competition. What’s more, it enables more informed decision making, ensuring enterprises make the right moves.

The Next-Generation Business Suite for Digitization

Although implementing these four key features at once may seem a daunting task, there is one solution that combines them all. SAP S/4HANA is an integrated toolkit designed to help companies take on their digital transformation. The ERP suite is built on the advanced in-memory platform SAP HANA and delivers a tailored consumer-grade user experience through the SAP Fiori application.

From finance to marketing to sales, SAP S/4HANA creates value for organizations across all lines of business—regardless of their size or industry. Available on premises or in the cloud, the platform gives enterprises the competitive edge. Several metrics are testament to this. For example, the software has been shown to increase productivity by 10 to 15%. It has also accelerated operative reporting by 50 to 70% and reduced data footprint by a factor of 10. And these are just some of the benefits. In addition to ensuring a successful transformation, companies that opt for SAP S/4HANA can lead the way into the digital future.

Are you ready to take on your digital transformation? Looking for an ally? As a leading SAP partner, NTT DATA Business Solutions supports digitization initiatives around the world.


Why Digitization is a Must for Any Company

By the end of 2017, two-thirds of Global 2000 enterprises will have digital transformation at the core of their strategy.

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